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Pre and post treatment Instructions

Pre Treatment Care Instructions*

- If you have had or are planning to have any vaccines ( i.e influenza/ shingles/ COVID) you must AVOID fillers/ toxins for at least 3 weeks after the last dose of these vaccines. 

- Avoid alcoholic beverages atleast 24 hours prior to treatment.

- Avoid having dental work, this includes cleaning and scaling, 2 weeks before or after receiving treatment.

- Be sure to have a good meal, including food and drink before your procedure.

  *At NYC we always make sure you will receive a detailed email after your booking about pre-treatment           instructions.

Post Treatment Care Instructions*

- Avoid massaging the treated area unless recommended to do so by your provider.
- Avoid strenuous exercise for 48 hours, and sun, heat, saunas for 72 hours.
- Do not use clarisonic face cleansing brush when washing face for 1 week.
- Monitor areas as instructed by your provider and report your concerns for timely review and assessment.
*At NYC, we always make sure you will receive a detailed email about your particular procedure's post treatment care instructions right after your treatment.


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